Based on the island of Oahu, Hawaii

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This business stems from an idea that was nurtured and supported from inception

by a unique community - a community of friends, sustainability leaders,

parents, conservationists and innovators, scientists and teachers. 


Founder and Mom

In relentless pursuit of making things better, Kate Reimann has focused her efforts on revolutionizing a product she’s found discarded on her favorite beaches and washed out to sea one too many times. Plastic at the beach never sat well with her, and in 2016 she decided it was time to make it better.


From starting this journey by prototyping in her kitchen using mushroom-based material to using a plant-based filament and 3D printing prototypes from her home office, Kate is on a mission to create better products using better materials.


She’s not stopping at the beach. Her ultimate goal is to change the way we make – and buy – products. These beach toys are just the start of her vision for making conventional plastic obsolete.

Rogue Wave is the result of a diverse community rallying around a common belief -

that we can make it better.